Tips and How to Restore Deleted SMS on Android Without Easy and Fast Root

Although Android provides various chat applications to communicate, SMS is sometimes still an option for users. The way to send this message is used usually because the internet signal tends to be unstable. In addition, another reason is that SMS is used to communicate with those who do not use Android.
However, because the use of SMS is quite rare, quite a lot of users don't remember that they have an important message and accidentally deleted the message. Of course this will create panic especially if the SMS is related to business. Then, is there a way to restore the SMS? Check out the reviews below.

How to Return Deleted SMS with MobiKin Doctor

To restore lost SMS on an Android smartphone, you can use the MobiKin Doctor application. This is one of the best applications that is easy to use. This application can be run using a PC.
To start the process, download and install this application. After the application is installed, follow the steps below:

how to restore deleted sms

Open the installed application and connect the smartphone using a data cable. The application will automatically detect on smartphone devices. If the smartphone is detected, you will see the type of smartphone in the upper left corner of the application.

how to restore deleted text

Once connected, the application will display data from the smartphone. You will see various smartphone details on the screen. Select 'message' for the next step to return the missing SMS.

how to restore deleted sms on android

The application will scan to retrieve stored and recovered message data on the smartphone. You need to wait a while until the process is complete. If you have, you can check one by one the messages that are in the scanning list.

how to restore deleted sms on android without root

Restore the message you are looking for. Data will be automatically saved to the PC. However, you can create a new folder to store the data to make it easier to find. Open the saved message and your SMS has been restored.
That's how to restore deleted sms on a Samsung cellphone, Oppo on Android with the help of the application. The above method can be done for smartphones with different Android OS versions. However, to prevent this from happening again, you can back up the SMS. In this case, there is an SMS Backup and Restore application that you can use.

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