10 Best Dji Spark Accessories Yous Should Have

 DJI Spark is best mini drone at minute is smaller than a tin give the axe of soda, making it the most compact as well as lightest drone from the pop drone maker. However, piece it’s surprisingly tiny, we’re far to a greater extent than impressed alongside how almost anyone could wing it thank you lot to several novel smart features. H5N1 high-performance photographic television camera alongside a mechanical gimbal, gesture technology, obstruction detection, FPV compatibility – these are but a few of the reasons why the Spark has larn ane of the best-selling drones today.

 By itself, the Dji Spark provides an amazing drone flying experience. However, alongside the right accessories, the Spark tin give the axe exercise so much better. We receive got compiled a listing of the best accessories available inwards the marketplace today so that you lot tin give the axe maximize the potential of the DJI Spark. Even if you’re silent but considering buying your ain DJI Spark, nosotros receive got some awesome tips for you!

1- Dji Spark Remote controller

 Take amount command of your Dji Spark quadcopter alongside the Remote Controller from DJI. As most drone enthusiasts tin give the axe tell you, piloting a drone using a smart telephone is convenient but tin give the axe experience quite clunky. If you lot desire smoother controls alongside a tactile feedback, DJI sells the Spark Remote Controller which provides upwards to 1.2 miles of video transmission as well as controller range.

DJI Spark is best mini drone at minute is smaller than a tin give the axe of soda 10 Best Dji Spark Accessories You Should Have

 When using the Spark inwards Sport Mode, the Remote Controller allows you lot to wing it at speeds of upwards to 31 mph. You tin give the axe every bit good connect the controller to your compatible smartphone, enabling you lot to scout a alive feed from the Spark's onboard photographic television camera on your mobile device.

 The DJI Spark remote command is $118 to purchase it alone, or included inwards the DJI Spark Fly More combo.

2- Spark Intelligent Battery

 Not technically an accessory, I know, but you lot should reckon picking upwards ane or 2 extra batteries for your Spark. Flight fourth dimension for ane battery is xv minutes, which genuinely limits your fun. Having ane or 2 backups makes it so you lot won’t hold upwards constantly paranoid nearly the drone dying. It’s definitely a expert idea.

 As an FYI, that MAVIC Pro vs. Spark debate, the MAVIC Pro is amend because it has basically 60% to a greater extent than flying fourth dimension on a unmarried accuse than the Spark.

3- DJI Spark Propeller Guard & Landing Gear

 If piloting your DJI Spark safely is your goal, as well as so the DJI Spark Propeller guards as well as landing gear is the perfect matter for you. Simultaneously protect your propellers from incidental impairment piece every bit good protecting your Spark aircraft from whatever issue gravel, rocks, or other debris on the ground. Easy-to-install as well as easily removable, the foldable blueprint makes them perfectly portable for rapid transport.

DJI Spark is best mini drone at minute is smaller than a tin give the axe of soda 10 Best Dji Spark Accessories You Should Have

 Again, these come upwards inwards the Fly More Combo, but you lot tin give the axe purchase them separately for about $20. Propeller guards are a expert thought if you lot computer program to wing the Spark inwards whatever tight spaces or indoors. It protects you lot from the blades as well as the blades from whatever serious damage.

4- DJI Spark Filters - Cinema Series - 6-Pack

 Neutral density filters are extremely of import when shooting video on a drone. They allow you lot to capture to a greater extent than cinematic footage when the Sun is vivid during the day. The dominion of pollex is that the shutter speed should ever rest at 2 times the frame charge per unit of measurement so if you’re shooting at 30fps at 4k on the Spark your shutter speed should rest every bit unopen to threescore every bit possible.

 Outside of darker/cloudy conditions this tin give the axe only hold upwards accomplished yesteryear using ND filters which bound the sunlight entering the lens. This allows you lot to maintain to the 2 x frame charge per unit of measurement dominion for buttery shine cinematic footage as well as every bit good allows for much easier color correction of your footage inwards post service production alongside the fixed shutter speed.

The PolarPro DJI Spark Cinema Series 6-Pack includes all filters from the Vivid as well as Shutter collection. Each filter is constructed alongside high-quality materials that enable you lot to capture the best picture character possible. PolarPro prides itself on its craftsmanship as well as attending to particular when it comes to edifice filters, as well as nosotros made no exception alongside our photographic television camera filters for DJI's Spark.

 Included inwards the Cinema Series 6-Pack are ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND8, ND16, as well as ND32 filters. Each filter is constructed alongside our Cinema Series production aeroplane drinking glass alongside AR coatings. Crafted alongside aircraft aeroplane aluminum, the filter frames are designed to hold upwards lightweight yet durable.

5- DJI Goggles

 If you lot currently ain a DJI Spark, you’re likely making purpose of your smartphone as well as the DJI Go App to encounter what the DJI Spark is genuinely shooting inwards real-time. However, you lot tin give the axe accept the experience to a whole novel aeroplane yesteryear purchasing DJI Goggles, the company’s ain FPV goggles that give you lot a real-time first-person thought of what your novel mini drone is genuinely recording.

DJI Spark is best mini drone at minute is smaller than a tin give the axe of soda 10 Best Dji Spark Accessories You Should Have

 At starting fourth dimension glance, the DJI Goggles expect similar ane of the several VR headsets that are available today. It has 2 Full hard disk screens as well as has a caput tracking characteristic that literally lets you lot command the DJI Spark alongside your head. Users tin give the axe thought the real-time footage inwards either 720p/60 fps or 1080p/30 fps depending on their preferences.


6- Dji Spark depression vibrations propellers

 Even alongside propeller guards, a drone’s propellers are natural springtime to pause due to their sparse as well as calorie-free build. There are few things to a greater extent than disheartening than having to cutting brusk a drone flying session because you lot broke your drone’s propellers inwards a crash. 

DJI Spark is best mini drone at minute is smaller than a tin give the axe of soda 10 Best Dji Spark Accessories You Should Have

This is why it is highly recommended to maintain a few sets of extra propellers alongside you lot all the time. The Spark Quick-Release Folding Propellers are designed to hold upwards slow to carry, as well as tin give the axe hold upwards rapidly attached as well as removed from the drone.


7- PolarPro Case

The DJI Spark is pocket-size plenty that you lot tin give the axe throw it into whatever handbag for slow carry even so nosotros recommend getting a pocket-size example every bit projection for it. This agency you lot tin give the axe pack it as well as a few commutation accessories into whatever handbag as well as receive got reassurance that it has some protection from damage.

 The PolarPro example may hold upwards the best example for the DJI Spark. It’s super compact, holds the drone as well as upwards to 2 batteries as well as you lot tin give the axe easily pop it inwards whatever larger handbag alongside your accessories as well as you’re expert to go.

8- StarRoad DJI Spark Range Extender

The maximum video transmission arrive at provided yesteryear the DJI Spark’s remote controller is 2 km, which is impressive to tell the least. However, if this is non expert plenty for you, nosotros highly recommend you lot to purchase a arrive at extender similar this ane that you lot tin give the axe attach to the controller inwards guild to improve the connector arrive at as well as stability.

DJI Spark is best mini drone at minute is smaller than a tin give the axe of soda 10 Best Dji Spark Accessories You Should Have

 It consists of a remote dot expansion board which is made of an aluminum material, which acts every bit an idealized radar antenna. The metallic canvass used hither faces outward as well as generates a fan beam because of its oval shape. This arrive at extender is far from expensive every bit it tin give the axe hold upwards purchased for but nether 10 bucks.


9- Extra micro SD Cards

Make certain you lot ever receive got plenty storage infinite for your footage earlier you lot expire along tour alongside your Spark. Many of us underestimate how fast the infinite of the included 16GB SD card is used when recording Full-HD videos.

DJI Spark is best mini drone at minute is smaller than a tin give the axe of soda 10 Best Dji Spark Accessories You Should Have
However, avoiding the province of affairs to silent receive got plenty battery might left for a flying but no costless SD carte du jour to shop the recordings is non hard these days.

Please Federal Reserve notation that non every SD Card volition operate alongside the Spark. Cards alongside a tiresome writing speed volition destroy your footage. We recommend using ane of the SD Cards nosotros listed downwardly below.  


10- Sunshade accessory

 Having no concealment inwards spark remote command Freewell Remote sunshade is must receive got accessory , The DJI Spark Sunshade from Freewell is the best solution to fight glare on your telephone concealment when flying inwards vivid daylight.

DJI Spark is best mini drone at minute is smaller than a tin give the axe of soda 10 Best Dji Spark Accessories You Should Have

 The ideal blueprint allows it to hold upwards used alongside DJI Spark remote alongside telephone size every bit iPhone 7+ easily as well as most efficiently. The sunshade provides sufficient comprehend to the concealment so every bit to supply a clear as well as shine thought piece flying the drone. It allow you lot to slow access your telephone concealment .

 The cervix strap solution offering you lot to check it comfortably without putting pull per unit of measurement area on your manus all the time. Its iv side wall create certain your telephone concealment is protected from all the side against exterior ray’s.



 The charging station is basically a might banking concern that tin give the axe every bit good accuse drone batteries piece beingness charged itself yesteryear an external might source. It tin give the axe hold upwards used every bit a wireless charging station or a battery charging hub similar what DJI made for Phantom iv batteries. It has a 5000 mAh battery for wireless charging, which takes 1 threescore minutes as well as 35 minutes to fully charge.

 The station weighs nearly 1.5 pounds or 680 grams to hold upwards exact. It tin give the axe accuse 3 batteries for upwards to 48 minutes of flying time. DJI rated the accuse fourth dimension for 3 batteries at but about 2 hours as well as xxx minutes. Its USB port has a 5V 2A output to accuse mobile devices similar phones as well as tablets. When the Spark Portable Charging Station starts to charge, it volition fully accuse the drone starting fourth dimension as well as so the other batteries after.

  • High-capacity mobile charging station that's corking for traveling.
  • Charges upwards to 3 batteries for upwards to 48 minutes of flying time.
  • USB port provides might to mobile devices such every bit smartphones as well as tablets.
  • Adjusts charging electrical flow automatically according to temperature.
  • Convenient for storing the aircraft as well as batteries when non charging.

Dji Spark Accessories - Conclusion

 DJI has a corking reputation inwards the drone industry, as well as the company’s latest DJI Spark mini drone lives upwards to the brand’s cite alongside its compelling laid of features. If you’ve of late purchased the Spark, particularly the $499 variant, you’ll receive got to purchase some of these additional accessories to heighten your drone-flight experience.

 From additional batteries to arrive at extenders, at that topographic point are plenty of options to pick out from. So, which of these DJI Spark accessories are you lot planning to buy? Do allow us know, yesteryear dropping a few words inwards the comments department downwardly below.

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