Dji Launches Apple Tree Boob Tube App For Streaming Drone Footage

 Dji presented this calendar week their offset app for tv set (Apple TV together with Samsung TV nether Tizen ) . This app is designed to permit users to picket aerial content together with 4K videos captured from roughly the footing using DJI drones. 

Dji presented this calendar week their offset app for tv set  DJI Launches Apple TV App for Streaming Drone Footage

 "We've made flight together with capturing aerial footage slow alongside our drones, together with straightaway alongside the DJI Smart TV App, creators volition bring to a greater extent than ways to portion their operate alongside the world. This is actually an chance for people to hold upwardly inspired, intrigued, move to places they would bring never imagined together with meet the footing inward a whole novel way," said Paul Pan, Senior Product Manager.
 Content appears to hold upwardly curated yesteryear DJI, alongside electrical flow offerings including professional person footage from WRC events together with official production advertisement videos. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 department called "DJI Creators" mixes inward content captured yesteryear professional person together with amateur users, acre other categories include product-specific overviews together with device tutorials.

 The Dji App tin hold upwardly used both to picket drone footage together with upload drone footage that tin together with hence hold upwardly shared alongside other users. Content currently available is curated yesteryear DJI together with is organized into diverse categories. 

 DJI's Apple TV app tin hold upwardly downloaded on the fourth-generation Apple TV through the tvOS App Store. It's besides available on Samsung Tizen TV platforms.

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