Nikon D500 Specs As Well As Tiptop Accessories You Lot Should Have

 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have Nikon D500 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have

 Meet the novel DX flagship, the Nikon D500. At root glance, it may seem unimposing—but contained inside a streamlined photographic tv set camera trunk is a veritable powerhouse of processing powerfulness in addition to technological advances. Nikon D500 is 1 of  the best pick out for lensman inwards the basis in addition to it's the best challenger of the Fujifilm X-T2 in addition to Canon EOS 5D.

 The Nikon D500 is a 21MP APS-C DSLR capable of shooting at upwardly to 10 frames per minute in addition to featuring an autofocus organization derived from the 1 inwards the D5. In other words, it’s precisely the form of high-end DX format trunk that appeared to receive got travel extinct with the D300S.

The six-and-a-half years that receive got passed since the D300S’ launch receive got seen the photographic tv set camera marketplace displace on considerably but the D500 does much to reclaim the seat equally 1 of the preeminent APS-C photographic tv set camera on the market.

As y'all mightiness expect, much of the improved capability of the photographic tv set camera centers just about sports in addition to high-speed shooting, amongst meaning upgrades to the shooting charge per unit of measurement in addition to autofocus system, but in that location are also major upgrades to the viewfinder, video capabilities in addition to connectivity options which expand its utility beyond 1 item niche.

Nikon D500 Specs:

  • 20.7MP APS-C (DX-format) sensor
  • 153 indicate AF module amongst 99 cross-type points
  • 180,000 pixel RGB sensor for metering in addition to plain of written report recognition
  • AF indicate joystick
  • 10 fps shooting for upwardly to 200 shots (lossless compressed 14-bit Raw to XQD card)
  • 4K (UHD) video from 1.5x crop of sensor
  • 100% coverage viewfinder amongst 1.0x magnification
  • 2.36M-dot tilting touchscreen display
  • Wi-Fi in addition to Bluetooth connectivity amongst NFC for setup
  • Mic in addition to headphone sockets
  • Anti-flicker alternative for working nether artificial lighting

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Top Nikon D500 Accessories You Should Have

Nikon ME-1 Stereo Microphone [Nikon D500 Accessories]

 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have Nikon D500 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have
Create higher-quality good than your photographic tv set camera tin give notice solitary amongst this stereo mic. The Nikon ME-1 Stereo Microphone is designed specifically for recording good acre making DSLR videos. The ME-1 fits into compatible photographic tv set camera shoes, in addition to connects to the photographic tv set camera via the 3.5mm stereo mini-plug. H5N1 low-cut filter blocks air current noise, acre the cable halt helps foreclose noises caused past times cable movement.

  • - Designed for exercise amongst a digital SLR photographic tv set camera amongst a 3.5mm (diameter) stereo mini-pin jack
  • - Equipped amongst a cable halt which holds the cable inwards house to foreclose dissonance from beingness recorded amongst accidental contact amongst the cable
  • - Reduces vibration dissonance during autofocus
  • - Low-cut filter reduces air current dissonance in addition to other low-frequency dissonance non blocked past times the air current screen

Nikon EN-EL15 Compatible Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery for Nikon D500 [Nikon D500 Accessories]
 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have Nikon D500 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have
The Nikon EN-EL15 Compatible Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery for Nikon D500 is a premium character 7.0v, 1050mAh lithium-ion replacement or perhaps fifty-fifty a spare battery for the original Nikon EN-EL15 battery, it is charged using the master copy or equivalent suitable Nikon chargers in addition to retains the accuse charge just similar the original battery.

Battery capacity: 1900mAh

Li-ion batteries practise non receive got “memory effect” in addition to enable recharging of the battery without need for a total discharge.

Lens Accessories For Nikon D500

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.8G ED [Nikon D500 Accessories]
 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have Nikon D500 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have

This isn't the cheapest or most pop prime—that honour goes to the evergreen nifty l Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G—but inwards the long run it volition give y'all the most value for your coin equally it tin give notice live used equally a wide-angle if y'all eventually determine to upgrade to total frame.

 While it's truthful that the 2 Nikon 50mm lenses also piece of occupation inwards total frame, they terminate upwardly beingness a chip long inwards DX amongst an effective focal length of 75mm. The 24mm f/1.8 volition allow y'all piece of occupation at a constant fast aperture at an effective focal length of 36mm, which is a non bad all-purpose length.

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED VR [Nikon D500 Accessories]
 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have Nikon D500 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have
 Telephotos receive got ever been quite expensive, but this 70-300mm sits inwards betwixt the entry-level Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED VR II at $139 in addition to the professional-level Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200MM F/2.8G ED VR II at $1,859.

 To pose it simply, if y'all are a professional person sports or activity lensman y'all likely won't live reading this (or you'll already ain the 70-200mm in addition to more), but if y'all are an enthusiast this 70-300mm volition live just perfect. It's sharp, relatively fast for autofocus, in addition to has VR.

 Unlike the cheaper 55-200mm, it volition piece of occupation on FX equally good equally DX, in addition to fifty-fifty has an extra 100mm hit compared to Nikon's professional person telephoto standard. The D500 is a lightning fast brute of a camera, in addition to should live a top pick for anyone looking to practise sports, wildlife, or activity photography. 

 After all, it's got the same autofocus machinery equally the novel D5, in addition to tin give notice shoot 10fps using 153-AF points. In depression light, this 70-300mm isn't the fastest at 300mm, but amongst the high ISO capability of the D500 who fifty-fifty cares?

Flash Accessories For Nikon D500

Nikon SB-5000 AF Speedlight Flash [Nikon D500 Accessories]

 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have Nikon D500 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have
The Nikon SB-5000 AF Speedlight Flash "compatible amongst Nikon D500" takes Nikon's acclaimed Creative Lighting System amongst Advanced Wireless Lighting to the adjacent bird amongst both traditional optical wireless command in addition to powerful radio control. Place upwardly to half dozen groups of remote flashes out of view, behind obstacles -- fifty-fifty inwards other rooms -- upwardly to 98 feet away. 

Designed for fast shooting at weddings, commercial shoots or on the cerise carpet, the SB-5000 also introduces the world's root hot-shoe mountain flash cooling organization for to a greater extent than than 100 consecutive shots at total output, all inwards a smaller blueprint amongst streamlined operation.

 The Precision Design Universal Soft Box Flash Diffuser enlarges in addition to redirects the lite from the flash in addition to and then farther softens the lite past times passing it through a frosted diffuser. It achieves an extremely soft aspect amongst minimal shadows. It folds apartment in addition to stores easily inwards whatever photographic tv set camera bag. Includes adjustable velcro strap in addition to elastic band for securing the diffuser. 

 This Precision Design Flash Bounce Reflector tin give notice live utilized amongst nearly whatever electronic flash inwards social club to practise diffused lighting that volition greatly heighten your photographs. It reflects indirect lite onto the subject, resulting inwards naturally illuminated images amongst minimal shadows. Provide your photographic tv set camera amongst plenty of powerfulness amongst four AA ultra-high capacity 2900mAh Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries in addition to a multi-voltage rapid charger.
Price : 550.00$
TARION TF685N Camera Flash Speedlite [Nikon D500 Accessories]
 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have Nikon D500 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have
 TARION TF685N Camera Flash Speedlite 
The TARION TF685N photographic tv set camera flash applies to Nikon DSLR serial cameras in addition to is compatible amongst i-TTL auto flash. With the i-TTL auto flash, your shooting volition travel simpler. You tin give notice easily accomplish a right flash exposure fifty-fifty inwards complex lighting-changing environment.

GN60 (m ISO 100, @200mm). 22 steps from 1/1 to 1/128.
Fully back upwardly Nikon i-TTL photographic tv set camera flash. Workable equally Master or Slave unit of measurement inwards a wireless flash group.
Use dot-matrix LCD panel to build clear in addition to convenient operation.
With built-in 2.4GHz wireless remote organization to back upwardly transmitting in addition to receiving.
Provide multiple functions, include HSS (up to 1/8000s),FEC, etc.
Use optional FT-16S to adapt flash parameters & trigger the flash.
Stable consistency in addition to color temperature amongst skillful fifty-fifty lighting.
Support amongst firmware upgrade.

Flash coverage: 20-200mm (14mm amongst broad panel).
Swinging/titling flash head, 0-360° horizontally in addition to -7-90° vertically (Bounce Flash).
Flash duration: 1/300 to 1/20000 seconds.
Exposure command system: i-TTL auto flash in addition to manual flash.
Flash Expose Compensation (FEB): Manual, ±3 stops inwards 1/3 halt increments.
Sync Mode: High-Speed Sync (up to 1/8000 seconds), First-curtain sync in addition to second-curtain sync.
Recycling time: approx. 0.1-2.6seconds.
Color temperature:5600K±200K.
Sync Triggering Mode: Hotshoe, 3.5mm sync line, Wireless command port.
Power Supply (Not included): Ni-MH batteries (recommended) or 4xLR6 element of group I batteries.
Dimension: approx. 190x76x64mm/7.5x3.0x2.5"
Weight: approx. 550g
100% build new
Price : 120.00$

Lexar Professional 2933 Micro SD [Nikon D500 Accessories]

Lexar XQD 2933x Card (440MB/s) – The Nikon D500 has 2 retentivity carte du jour slots, 1 for SD in addition to 1 for XQD. The XQD is past times far to a greater extent than useful if y'all desire the best buffer performance in addition to to a greater extent than than plenty 4K video speed. Nothing beats the Lexar 2933x carte du jour in addition to it’s rattling slightly cheaper than the fastest SD carte du jour (but even so slower than this XQD).

  • Read upwardly to 440MB/s + Write upwardly to 400MB/s
  • You tin give notice easily receive got 200 JPEG or RAW shots earlier the buffer fills, in addition to then hand nigh instantly
  • 4K Video is a slice of cake for this card
  • You tin give notice shop over 7,000 shots on 64GB (assuming y'all shoot at 20MP, JPEG)
Tripod for Nikon D500 [Nikon D500 Accessories]

 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have Nikon D500 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have

Dolica AX620 62″ Tripod in addition to Ball Head – Hands downward the best tripod for whatever DSLR nether $100 (this 1 costs $50). You shouldn’t larn the cheapest tripod because they’re unremarkably aimed at lighter cameras similar a indicate in addition to shoot.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 13.2lbs (Nikon D500 trunk weighs 30.2 oz)
  • Weighs 2.5 lbs in addition to is 22.5 inches tall (when fully collapsed)
  • 62 inches maximum height
  • Ball caput plate in addition to a bubble level
Price : 49.00$

Disc Light Reflectors [Nikon D500 Accessories]

                                         Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have Nikon D500 Specs in addition to Top Accessories You Should Have
Neewer 5-in-1 (43″) Collapsible Light Reflector – Light is the most of import ingredient for whatever photograph, in addition to the to a greater extent than y'all tin give notice control/affect it, the to a greater extent than chances y'all receive got of genuinely getting professional person shots. Sometimes that’s past times using an external flash, in addition to sometimes that’s past times just reflecting the available lite (or amongst a flash) to specific areas of your subject.
  • 5 lite reflectors inwards 1 (43 inches diameter when opened)
  • Gold, black, silver, white in addition to translucent, v most pop colors
  • Perfect for both studio in addition to outdoor photography, piece of cake to carry
  • This is the cheapest but most effective accessory to rattling build your shots aspect better, but is generally for portraits/studios
Price: 12.00$

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